Create tastefully rooms within room!

Stylish Scandinavian style PULK room divider enhance both the privacy and style of your home or office.

Room divider help to emphasize details, design space, steer movement and create privacy. They are youthful and distinct design elements. It is easy to install and move and fold them up again elsewhere.

In addition, it is possible to attach shelves and racks to the PULKdivider to make it even more functional.

You do not have to have any special skills to create a desirable and practical solution exactly as you wish! 

PULKdivider is a jewel for any room that appreciates functionality and thoughtful design.


Materials: birch plywood and oak timber

Set: 3 400x1700 plates/walls, 18 pegs, 2 hinges, 3 support legs,  6 shelves (3 x 220 mm and 3 x 400 mm)

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

International Clients: For information about payment options and shipping please contact us at

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