PULK8 is the largest shelf module by the dimensions. More effective in case of large wall surface. Holds the most compared to PULK4 and PULK6, has a powerful effect.

You do not have to have any special skills to create a desirable and practical solution exactly as you wish!           

Set option :

PULK 8SwissGouda
Background palte800x800 mm800x800 mm
Shelves220x180 mm
430x180 mm
670x180 mm

320x180 mm
520x180 mm
670x180 mm
Pegs9 pcs9 pcs
Fastenerswall mounting slats, screws wall mounting slats, screws

Materials: birch plywood and oak timber 
Additional details: You can choose between two different frequencies (see photo). Corners of background plate and shelves are rounded and sides are in the miter (angled 120˚).
Delivery time:  2-3 weeks.
International Clients: For information about payment options and shipping please contact us at pulk@pulkdesign.ee

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